About Us

The company REPLAC-BM a.s. is operating on the market of paints and coatings since 1996 already. We operate primarily in the field of the coloristic of paints and coatings, when we create for our customers tinting systems and deliver to them:

  • CHROMAFLO pigment pastes for paints of the company  Vibrantz Technologies under the brands Colortrend and Chroma-Chem. The company REPLAC-BM a.s. has an exclusive agency of the company  Vibrantz Technologies for Czech and Slovak republics.


  • CHROMAFLO pigment pastes Plasticolors for Thermosets from the company Vibrantz Technologies. The company REPLAC-BM a.s. has an exclusive agency of the company  Vibrantz Technologies for Czech and Slovak republics.


  • SOFTWARE Innovatint- we offer to our customers programs  for managing of color formulations, for operating of dispensing machines, for automatically measuring color shades and many others.


  • COLORISTIC - we offer to our customers a complete service in tinting of the paints and coatings colors such as calibration lines, creating color formulations, testing of color formulations in practice on microdispenser into 50 gr of paint, verification of color shades on 3D robot.















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    Colorants Vibrantz Technologies

    Pigment pastes Vibrantz Technologies Colortrend and Chroma-chem

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    Thermoset Vibrantz Technologies

    Pigment pastes for tinting thermosets

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    Software Innovatint

    The Rainbow shading system includes a whole range of applications for a more effective development of new formulas.

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    Coloristic service

    We test the effect of pigment pastes on the properties of paints.